Don't let her good looks fool you, Jennifer is about as tough and competitive as they come. Born and raised in Texas, she learned the meaning of a hard day's work at an early age. Jennifer began her true love for animals when she would visit her aunt's ranch in Alabama. Learning to ride and take care of her aunt's horses both laid the foundation to her work ethic and began her life long ambition to work with animals.

In the shipping world Jennifer has had to overcome the preconceived notions of a woman doing a mans job. She was raised to believe that she could do anything that she set her mind to. She also had to learn to adapt to transporting loads other than livestock to increase her profits such as furniture, vehicles, planes, etc. Over the past few years her knowledge for shipping different loads across the nation has increased dramatically allowing her to be one of the highest demanded transporters on USHIP.

Most importantly Jennifer is a good ole' country girl who always puts family first. After being gone on a long trip shipping across America, she can't wait to get home to her family and dogs. Her Australian Sheppard "Zag" and her Yorkie "Bella" are the loves of her life, and from what she's told they stare at the door until she pulls back into the driveway.

On the weekends you can find her either watching college football or the outdoor channel. She loves watching Texas and Alabama play (as long as they are not playing each other). She loves the outdoors and even more she loves to hunt. Every chance she gets to throw on her Realtree camo she jumps on it!

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